Expensive, Unique & Luxury Things To Do In New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach

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Are you looking for something luxurious and unique to do in New Smyrna Beach? Are you craving a sense of adventure away from the everyday mundanity of life? If so, then read on! Here we will explore expensive and out-of-the-ordinary activities that can bring excitement into your vacation. From picturesque treks along Florida’s coastline to adrenaline-filled skydiving experiences, there are plenty of opportunities for escaping the routine and embracing an unforgettable experience. So if it’s time for a break from reality, let us whisk you off to some of New Smyrna Beach’s most exclusive excursions.

1. Enjoy A Luxury Beachfront Stay

New Smyrna Beach boasts some of the most luxurious beachfront accommodations in Florida. With over 25 miles of pristine coastline, it’s no wonder why so many visitors flock to this beautiful destination each year. According to recent statistics, nearly three million people visit New Smyrna Beach annually for its stunning beaches and unique attractions. For those looking for a truly unforgettable experience, there are plenty of expensive, unique and luxury things to do here.

A luxurious stay at one of the serene beachfront resorts is an excellent way to start your vacation off on the right foot. You can sip cocktails by the pool or take long walks along the shoreline watching spectacular sunsets from your own private balcony. The options are endless when it comes to finding that perfect spot with breathtaking views—you won’t be disappointed! Plus, if you want to treat yourself even further, many hotels offer spa packages with special discounts available during peak season.

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, try taking a boat charter tour around Indian River Lagoon where you will see dolphins frolicking alongside manatees while enjoying views of Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and Mosquito Lagoon Aquatic Preserve. Here you can explore untouched marshes and observe wildlife up close in their natural habitat —an unforgettable experience that money can’t buy.

There’s also something special about discovering hidden gems made by local artisans while exploring quaint boutiques and galleries dotted throughout the area. From handmade jewelry pieces to vibrant paintings inspired by nature—each piece could become a treasured memory of your time spent here in New Smyrna Beach. Shopping may not necessarily be considered ‘luxury’ but it sure does give us all a sense of freedom knowing we have access to such incredible finds without having to break the bank!

2. Explore Local Boutiques And Art Galleries

Exploring local boutiques and art galleries is an exclusive way to experience the unique culture of New Smyrna Beach. Picture yourself walking through a beautiful outdoor boutique, with views of the beach in the background and sand between your toes as you explore eclectic finds from around the world. Imagine discovering handcrafted jewelry and one-of-a-kind pieces that tell stories about the city’s past.

It’s like stepping back into time—the building exudes charm, while modernity creates an exciting atmosphere full of possibilities. You can find rare artwork, vintage clothing, or something special for someone close to you. Whatever it may be, these experiences will make memories last long after your vacation ends.

Another great option is visiting some of New Smyrna Beach’s many art galleries. These establishments are dedicated to showcasing local artists’ works and provide interesting conversations with staff who appreciate each piece they display. Whether it’s photography or paintings, large sculptures or small carvings, there’s something here for everyone! It’s fun to take a stroll down the streets lined with bright colors and creative energy radiating off every canvas–it truly brings life to this town!

At luxury shops and art galleries alike, visitors have access to items not found anywhere else in the world – perfect souvenirs from your trip away from home. So go ahead and treat yourself: embark on a journey where you’ll get lost among priceless goods and treasures only found in New Smyrna Beach!

3. Take A Private Boat Tour

Ah, the sea. An escape from the everyday for many of us; a place to relax and reconnect with nature. For visitors wanting to experience something special in New Smyrna Beach, taking a private boat tour is an experience that cannot be missed.

Picture yourself gliding across the gentle waters as you take in all the sights around you – dolphins breaching against the horizon, shorebirds dancing over turquoise waves, and breathtaking views of barrier islands along the way. Here are some experiences you won’t want to miss out on when taking your private boat tour:

  • Touring remote spots like Mosquito Lagoon or Indian River
  • Spotting wildlife such as manatees, ospreys and pelicans
  • Enjoying stunning sunsets while sipping cocktails
  • Exploring island coves surrounded by lush vegetation
  • Cruising alongside historic lighthouses

This unique opportunity will provide memories that last long after returning home from your trip. Not only do these tours allow you to admire beauty above water but also beneath! Experienced guides can give insight into local marine life, giving passengers a deeper understanding of their surroundings.

So gather up family and friends for this one-of-a-kind adventure – it’s sure to create lasting memories! The next step? Visiting the Marine Science Center where guests can explore conservation efforts and gain an even greater appreciation for our oceans’ wonders…

4. Visit The Marine Science Center

You may have assumed that a luxury vacation in New Smyrna Beach means spending your days lounging on the beach or sipping cocktails by the pool. But if you’re looking for something special, unique and unforgettable here are four luxurious experiences to make your holiday extraordinary:

  1. Enjoy an exquisite dining experience at one of the area’s five-star restaurants.
  2. Spend time shopping for designer clothing and exclusive jewelry pieces.
  3. Take a private boat tour with breathtaking views of the coastline.
  4. Visit the Marine Science Center to learn about local marine life and conservation efforts while exploring their state-of-the-art facilities and interactive exhibits!

The world class Marine Science Center is not just another educational stop during your visit – it offers guests a chance to get up close and personal with nature in ways they could never imagine! Marvel as majestic manatees swim freely around you, and observe dolphins gracefully making their way through the waters off Florida’s coastlines – all from within the center’s 25000 gallon aquariums! Experience hands-on learning opportunities like touch tanks filled with sea stars and horseshoe crabs ready to be explored! Plus, gain insight into how scientists work tirelessly to protect our planet’s delicate ocean ecosystems so we can keep enjoying them for generations to come.

But perhaps most thrilling of all is getting behind the wheel of a kayak or paddleboard and taking off on an adventure out into Mosquito Lagoon where you’ll discover some of Florida’s hidden gems! From lush vegetation teeming with wildlife, stunning sunsets reflecting off crystal clear waters, and incredible bird watching opportunities – paddling around this natural paradise will give visitors memories they won’t soon forget! So why wait? Get out there today and explore this beautiful part of Florida unlike ever before!

Ready for even more excitement? Head over to Flagler Avenue in New Smyrna Beach to take a Segway tour around town – gliding past historic buildings, colorful art galleries, quaint boutiques lining cobblestone streets…all while soaking up amazing views of nearby waterways & lagoons along the way! With tours offered morning, noon & night – there’s no better way to see this charming coastal town than from atop a Segway! To top it all off, enjoy delicious snacks afterwards at one of many waterfront eateries dotting Flagler Ave – providing unbeatable panoramic vistas that will leave you feeling refreshed & relaxed after your day spent discovering everything NSB has to offer.

5. Take A Segway Tour Around The Town

It’s almost as if it were meant to be: I’m in New Smyrna Beach, a place renowned for its expensive and unique luxury activities. What better way to take advantage of the town than by taking a segway tour? It was an easy decision.

I booked my tour with ease; this is one activity that really takes your mind off of everyday life! As soon as we started out on our journey around the town, I quickly realized why people love this so much: it feels like you are floating through time, appreciating all that the city has to offer.

The scenery was remarkable—from picturesque beaches to historic buildings, there wasn’t anything left unseen. My guide showed me some hidden gems along the way too; places you would never find without someone who knows the area well. We even got up close and personal with some sea wildlife when we stopped at a nearby dock!

What can I say? The experience was simply unforgettable – joyous yet peaceful moments spent touring around such an amazing location. Plus, what adventurous traveler doesn’t want their own set of wheels? Now that I’ve gotten acquainted with New Smyrna Beach on two wheels, it’s time to see what else awaits… …in the beautiful and exciting region of Florida’s east coast.

6. Experience The Thrill Of Parasailing

Soar through the skies with an experience like no other. Parasailing in New Smyrna Beach is a unique and luxurious way to take in the sights of this coastal town from up above. Feel your adrenaline surge as you’re pulled across the sky, propelled by nothing but a parachute attached to a boat below. Enjoy stunning views that are sure to leave you breathless:

• Get bird’s eye views of incredible beaches
• Wave at fellow beach-goers down below
• Look out for dolphins frolicking near shore
• Take picturesque photos of the skyline
• Marvel at the endless expanse of blue water ahead

As you drift higher and higher, feel your worries disappear with every gust of salty sea air that rushes past. You can relax and enjoy some peace away from all your troubles while taking in Florida’s breathtaking beauty. And when it’s time to come back down, experience the thrill of soaring gracefully until it’s time to make landfall again – what could be more freeing?

From high-flying adventures to upscale dining experiences, there’s something special waiting for everyone here in New Smyrna Beach. So why not treat yourself to something truly memorable today? Whether it’s parasailing or any one of many other luxury activities available in this sunny paradise, let yourself bask in its splendor!

7. Enjoy Fine Dining At Upscale Restaurants

Ah yes, luxury and New Smyrna Beach-two words you don’t often hear together. Who knew that a small beach town could offer such luxurious experiences? Well if you’re looking for something special to do in this charming little community, look no further than enjoying fine dining at upscale restaurants!

From the finest seafood dishes to exquisite steak dinners, there’s something here to make even the most sophisticated palette swoon with delight. Plus, why not add a touch of class by pairing your meal with some top shelf wines or craft cocktails? There’s just something about an evening out on the town that can really elevate any experience.

But what makes these restaurants truly worth it? Here are three reasons:
• Ambiance: Many of the local eateries boast unique atmospheres that will immerse you in culture and flavor as soon as you walk through their doors. From cozy bistros tucked away down side streets, to formal hotel lounges overlooking the oceanfront – each restaurant offers its own inviting atmosphere that’ll have you wanting more.

• Service: The attentive staff is always willing to go above and beyond when it comes to making sure your visit is nothing short of perfect. Whether it’s recommending entrees off the menu or helping find just the right wine pairing – they’ve got all bases covered. This kind of hospitality isn’t easily found elsewhere so be sure to take advantage while visiting this area!

• Taste: Last but certainly not least, let’s talk food! Each plate served up by these establishments is crafted with both quality ingredients and love. Not only will your taste buds thank you afterwards, but your stomach too! So why settle for anything less when eating out?

It’s clear that fine dining at upscale restaurants in New Smyrna Beach provides much more than a delicious dinner; It gives us a chance to enjoy life’s finer things and treat ourselves in style during our time here. And speaking of treating yourself…next we explore how relaxing at a beachfront spa can also provide an unforgettable experience here!

8. Relax At A Beachfront Spa

There’s nothing like a spa day to relax, unwind, and re-energize. New Smyrna Beach is home to several beachfront spas that offer unique treatments made with locally sourced ingredients. Whether you’re looking for an hour of pampering or a full weekend retreat, here are some ways to enjoy the ultimate spa experience:

• Enjoy rejuvenating massages on the beach. Feel your stress melt away as you listen to the sound of waves crashing in the background.
• Indulge in facial treatments featuring organic products from local farms. Refresh and revitalize while receiving top-notch care from experienced professionals.
• Try body wraps using natural elements found right at the beach—like sea salt and sand! Drift off into relaxation mode as warm towels wrap around your skin.

These luxurious services will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed so you can make the most out of your vacation in New Smyrna Beach. With all this pampering, it’ll be hard not to come back again soon! And if you’re up for something more active after your spa visit, why not go on a fishing charter?

9. Go On A Fishing Charter

Diving into the depths of relaxation and adventure, New Smyrna Beach beckons you to explore its wealth of luxury experiences. A fishing charter is just one more way an individual can make their trip extraordinary.

Journey out onto the ocean with a knowledgeable guide who will show you all the best spots for catching fish in the area. The sun sparkling on the waves, you’ll feel like a true explorer as your boat arcs through the waters, searching for that perfect catch. With any luck, you’ll snag a marlin or two – if not, then don’t worry; there are plenty of other species swimming around these parts! Plus, even if it doesn’t go as planned, at least you’ll have experienced some time out on the open sea.

The captain will provide everything necessary for fishing: rods and bait must be supplied by them and they are typically well-versed in local regulations. You won’t have to worry about anything but having fun while onboard! Their expertise ensures that each person has an enjoyable outing regardless of what type of day it turns out to be – calm seas or stormy ones alike. So come aboard and experience something unique and luxurious that only New Smyrna Beach can offer!

Whether looking for serenity or excitement during your stay here, going on a fishing charter offers both in equal measure – so grab your gear and set sail! There’s no better way to discover all that this incredible destination has to offer than from atop a vessel skimming across the waves. Ready? Let’s take off towards discovering new wineries in New Smyrna Beach…

10. Discover The Local Wineries

What could be more luxurious than enjoying a fine glass of wine? Does the idea of visiting local wineries in New Smyrna Beach sound appealing to you? After all, it’s one of Florida’s premier beachside towns. It would undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience!

Let’s explore what makes this place so special and why its wineries are worth checking out while on your luxury holiday. Firstly, there is something undeniably exciting about discovering new wines made by small producers who use traditional processes and techniques. Plus, exploring the vineyards and tasting rooms provides locals with a unique opportunity to learn more about their favourite wines from the people who make them.

New Smyrna Beach offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation too; many of the area’s wineries have outdoor seating areas nestled among lush gardens where visitors can take time to sip their chosen vintage or enjoy delicious snacks amongst nature’s beauty. For those looking for a romantic evening, sunset tours provide breathtaking views along with personalized tastings as you watch day turn into night over the rolling hills.

TIP: Make sure to also check out some of New Smyrna Beach’s smaller boutique wineries, which often offer exclusive varietals that may not be available anywhere else – a truly unique experience that will leave lasting memories. With all these options, there is no doubt that visiting local wineries in New Smyrna Beach will be an exceptional way to indulge your senses while taking part in an enjoyable activity – perfect for any luxury vacationer!

11. Go On A Dolphin Sightseeing Cruise

The ocean is a great source of freedom, and one of the best ways to experience it in New Smyrna Beach is by taking a dolphin sightseeing cruise. Gliding across the water as dolphins swim alongside you can be a unique and luxurious way to spend your day. It’s like being part of their world for a moment; almost as if they’re showing you an exclusive tour.

As you sail through the waters, marvel at all that nature has to offer – from beautiful birds gliding overhead to the sun sparkling on waves below. Feel the wind against your face and take in the sensation of true freedom – something that only comes when out at sea. All this while having knowledgeable guides tell you about local wildlife, navigating around hidden coves, or searching for bottlenose dolphins!

A sightseeing cruise allows you time to relax away from everyday life and enjoy some well-deserved tranquility. This can be especially therapeutic during sunrise or sunset cruises where spectacular views are accompanied by calming music drifting through calm waters. No matter what type of cruise you choose, there will always be plenty of opportunities to capture those special moments with friends and family too!

So why not treat yourself? See New Smyrna Beach differently and discover its wonders aboard a dolphin sightseeing cruise – because sometimes life calls for something extra special… And going on such an adventure might just give you exactly what you need! As another option for luxury experiences in New Smyrna Beach awaits – take a guided kayak tour next!

12. Take A Guided Kayak Tour

If you’re looking for an exciting and unique experience in New Smyrna Beach, taking a guided kayak tour should absolutely be considered. Now, some may object that it sounds like too much effort or hard work to take such a tour; however, the kayaks are lightweight and easy to maneuver, so even those without prior paddling experience can enjoy this activity.

The feeling of gliding through the waters while surrounded by nature is truly one-of-a-kind. With your guide leading the way, you’ll have plenty of time to admire the beauty around you – from local wildlife to stunning views along the coastline. Plus, there will undoubtedly be moments during your journey where you feel completely free and relaxed as if nothing else matters in that moment.

What’s more? A guided kayak tour ensures safety with regular breaks throughout the trip for snacks or water since no one wants their adventure cut short due to being dehydrated or exhausted! You won’t have to worry about bringing any equipment either as most tours come with all necessary items included in the price.

So why not explore New Smyrna Beach from a different perspective and book yourself on a guided kayak tour today? From serene calmness out on open waters to learning new skills under experienced supervision – what could be better than that? And after immersing yourself in nature’s wonders, why not enjoy a unique shopping experience at flea markets nearby?

13. Enjoy A Unique Shopping Experience At Flea Markets

Who said shopping can’t be luxurious? Well, New Smyrna Beach is ready to prove them wrong. With a unique shopping experience at its flea markets, the beach town offers an exciting and indulgent way of exploring local treasures.

Whether you want something special for yourself or souvenirs for your loved ones, these vibrant places will not disappoint. From antiques to handmade jewelry and clothing – there are plenty of options available that you won’t find anywhere else! Plus, the friendly vendors ensure an enjoyable visit as they help guide you through the market’s various offerings.

It’s also great if you’re looking for entertainment while out on vacation; it doesn’t get much more interesting than browsing through one-of-a-kind items in search of that perfect thing. Whether it’s a unique piece of art or vintage apparel, you’ll never know what kind of delightful surprise could await at any turn! While strolling around, take some time to sample delicious foods from food stands too – because why not make a day out of it?

So come discover all the hidden gems New Smyrna Beach has to offer with its distinctive flea markets. You may even leave with something extraordinary that no one else has! Moving onto another activity…why not go on a scenic helicopter tour next?

14. Go On A Scenic Helicopter Tour

Soar to the sky and take in New Smyrna Beach from a unique perspective with a scenic helicopter tour. It’s an unforgettable experience that will surely leave you feeling elated and exhilarated, as if you have conquered the world! Here are a few reasons why taking this aerial adventure is one of the most expensive, unique, and luxurious things to do in town:

  1. Admire breathtaking views while flying over some of Florida’s most beautiful beaches.
  2. Enjoy unparalleled sights on your journey – dolphins playing in the ocean, mangrove islands teeming with wildlife, lighthouses standing tall against the horizon.
  3. Get up close and personal with nature by witnessing amazing sunsets or moonlit skies during night flights.

This exclusive activity offers incomparable experiences which no other can match; it is truly an opportunity of a lifetime for those looking for something special to do in New Smyrna Beach. Plus, all pilots are certified professionals who provide friendly yet professional services to make sure every ride is safe and enjoyable. So don’t miss out on this chance to explore one of Florida’s gems from high above!

Jumpstart your day by exploring another gem – Ponce Inlet Lighthouse – nestled between two state parks where visitors can find plenty of outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, hiking trails, kayaking tours and more. The iconic lighthouse stands proud at 175 feet tall overlooking the Atlantic Ocean offering incredible panoramic views worth capturing into memory forever…

15. Explore The Natural Beauty Of Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

As the sun sets, a picturesque scene emerges before us. The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse stands tall and proud, beckoning adventurers to explore its natural beauty. This is one of those expensive, unique and luxury things to do in New Smyrna Beach that you don’t want to miss out on!

The lighthouse was built in 1887 and has been standing ever since as an iconic symbol of Florida’s east coast. You can take guided tours around this national historic landmark and get up close with nature while learning about the history of the area. If you’re feeling adventurous, there are also kayak tours available so you can paddle along and take in the scenery from another perspective.

It’s not just the views that make this experience luxurious though – it’s all about taking your time to appreciate them. Whether you spend hours exploring or just a few minutes admiring the view, each moment will be unforgettable. Breathe in some fresh air as you take a stroll around the grounds, marveling at how beautifully preserved everything is after centuries of wear-and-tear. As you wander deeper into nature’s embrace, let yourself move freely without judgement; away from any distractions or demands – simply enjoying being alive in this very moment.

From stunning vistas across the river to peaceful moments among wildlife, discovering Ponce Inlet Lighthouse promises endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Whatever way calls to your soul – go forth and answer it! Here awaits an exquisite adventure filled with rare gems hidden within every corner like treasures yet undiscovered by mankind…

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of The Luxury Beachfront Stay?

If you’re looking for something unique, luxurious and exclusive to do in New Smyrna Beach, look no further. According to recent studies, the average cost of a luxury beachfront stay is an astounding $400 per night. With that kind of money on offer, it’s easy to see why many people are visiting this coastal paradise! Here are five things you can enjoy if you book a stay at one of these properties:

  1. Marvel at spectacular views from your balcony or patio;
  2. Enjoy gourmet meals created by renowned chefs;
  3. Participate in exciting activities like kayaking, parasailing and more;
  4. Relax with spa treatments that will leave you feeling refreshed;
  5. Unwind with a glass of wine as the sun sets over the ocean horizon.

A beachfront holiday offers all kinds of opportunities for relaxation and adventure – not to mention those unforgettable memories! From spending time with family and friends under the stars to exploring secret coves, there’s always something new to discover each day during your stay here. Plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of special deals such as free breakfast or complimentary amenities when booking through certain hotels or resorts in this area. \t

When it comes to finding a way to treat yourself while still getting value for money, nothing beats the experience provided by these luxury beachfront stays. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your dream vacation today and create some truly incredible memories along the way!

Are There Any Discounts Available For The Private Boat Tour?

The salty smell of the ocean, the warmth of the sun on your skin and a private boat tour in New Smyrna Beach. This could be an experience of a lifetime – but are there any discounts available to make it even more special?

Savvy travelers know that searching for deals can help them get closer to their dream vacation without breaking the bank. Fortunately, many companies offer discounts or packages when you book with them. With just a few clicks online, you could find yourself enjoying amazing views from the comfort of a luxury boat while saving money at the same time!

No matter how much you save, booking this extravagant activity is still going to be one of those ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experiences. The freedom of being out on the water and watching dolphins play in the waves will leave lasting memories for years to come. And what better way to take advantage of some alone time than cruising along with friends or family members?

Whether you’re looking for something unique and luxurious or simply want to explore some new sights, getting out on a private boat tour in New Smyrna Beach can give you exactly what you need! So don’t miss out – start searching now for discounts so that you don’t have to break your budget and enjoy all that this beautiful coastal town has to offer.

How Far Out At Sea Can I Go On The Fishing Charter?

It’s no coincidence that the beautiful waters of New Smyrna Beach are home to some of the most luxurious and unique experiences. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful boat tour in private or an exciting fishing charter, there is something here for everyone.

So, if you’ve been wondering how far out at sea you can go on a fishing charter from New Smyrna Beach, look no further – we have all the answers! Here are just a few of the incredible features this experience has to offer:

• Professional crew with years of experience in guiding visitors through the local waters
• Accessible boats with plenty of space so that everyone can join in on the adventure
• All necessary equipment provided by your guide so that no one gets left behind
• A chance to catch fresh fish while exploring up to 50 miles away from land!

A day spent out at sea fishing is not only incredibly fun but also incredibly memorable. You’ll get to create lasting memories with friends and family as you explore what lies beneath these Atlantic waves. Plus, each excursion offers its own unique set of sights and sounds unlike any other place!

The best part? There are discounts available when booking multiple people on a single trip. With affordable prices, it’s easy to make your luxury dreams come true without breaking the bank. So why not take advantage of this rare opportunity and treat yourself today?!

What Safety Measures Are In Place For Parasailing?

Ready for an adrenaline rush? Parasailing is one of the most unique and luxurious activities you can experience in New Smyrna Beach. But before taking off, it’s important to understand what safety measures have been put in place to ensure a thrilling but safe adventure.

The first thing anyone planning a parasailing trip should know is that all operators are certified by the United States Coast Guard (USCG). This means they must follow certain guidelines when it comes to boat maintenance, crew qualifications and customer safety regulations. These strict standards help protect everyone involved from potential hazards while out on the water.

Another key factor in ensuring a safe ride is understanding how wind conditions affect your flight. While there are many variables involved, experienced captains will be able to assess weather conditions and determine if they’re suitable for parasailing. If not, they’ll advise against going up or agree to postpone until conditions improve so passengers aren’t put at risk unnecessarily.

Finally, no matter which company you choose for your unforgettable experience, make sure their equipment passes regular inspections with flying colors! Look for evidence of quality control such as regularly serviced chutes and harnesses that meet industry requirements – this way you’ll feel confident knowing everything has been properly checked beforehand, leaving you free to enjoy every second of your time in the sky!

What Type Of Kayaks Are Used On The Guided Tour?

The oceanfront of New Smyrna Beach offers a unique, luxurious experience for those seeking to explore the stunningly beautiful coastline in style. From parasailing and kayaking tours to dolphin watching and fishing trips – there is something special waiting for everyone here. But what type of kayaks are used on the guided tour?

When it comes to exploring this part of Florida’s east coast, you can be sure that safety is taken seriously – but why should comfort be sacrificed? In New Smyrna Beach, luxury isn’t just about indulgent experiences; it’s also about enjoying them in comfortable surroundings. That’s why many kayakers opt for specialized touring models when they take off on their guided tour. These specially designed vessels combine stability with maneuverability so they’re suitable even if conditions aren’t ideal.

These high-end kayaks provide an unforgettable experience while keeping passengers safe from harm. They come equipped with features like adjustable footpegs and backrests, as well as padded seats which make long paddles more bearable. Touring kayaks also offer plenty of storage space for snacks, drinks, cameras and other items needed along the way. The variety of colors available makes these boats look stylish out on the water too!

Whether you want to go sightseeing or photograph wildlife from your own private vessel, renting one of these luxury touring kayaks will give you everything you need for a unique adventure in New Smyrna Beach. You don’t have to worry about sacrificing comfort or safety either – simply sit back, relax and let yourself drift away into paradise aboard your very own floating palace!


With its crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches, New Smyrna Beach is a luxurious destination for those looking to experience something unique. From parasailing and fishing charters, to private boat tours and guided kayak trips, there’s plenty of expensive activities you can do here that will make your trip one to remember.

The cost of luxury beachfront stays may seem steep but with discounts available it won’t break the bank. On a fishing charter you’ll be able to explore some of Florida’s most pristine fishing grounds far out at sea in complete safety. And when you take a guided kayaking tour you’ll enjoy paddling through mangrove tunnels while admiring the diverse wildlife up close.

So if you’re looking for an unforgettable vacation full of luxury experiences, then look no further than New Smyrna Beach! With all these amazing things to do – from relaxing on the beach to exploring beneath the waves – this coastal paradise has something special waiting for everyone.

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