Cheap Places To Eat In London

Cheap Places To Eat In London

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London is known for its diverse culinary scene, but it can also be quite expensive to eat out in the city. As someone who enjoys exploring new food spots and trying different dishes, I have compiled a list of some of the best cheap places to eat in London. These are the types of places that will satisfy your taste buds without breaking the bank.

From street food markets to cozy cafes, these spots offer delicious meals at affordable prices. Whether you’re a student on a budget or simply looking for an alternative to pricey restaurants, these options are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy good food without spending a fortune.

So let’s dive into my top picks for cheap eats in London!

Borough Market

You’re in luck if you’re a foodie because Borough Market is where you want to be right now. This vibrant and bustling market is located in Southwark and has been around since the 13th century.

From fresh fruits and vegetables to artisanal cheeses, breads, meats, and more, you’ll find everything your taste buds could desire here. One of my favorite stalls at Borough Market is Franco Manca. They serve up delicious sourdough pizzas with locally sourced ingredients that are sure to satisfy any craving.

The atmosphere is casual yet cozy, making it the perfect spot for a quick lunch or dinner on the go. Plus, the prices are very reasonable compared to other pizza places in London!

Franco Manca

So, I’ve recently discovered a new favorite spot in London for delicious pizza that won’t break the bank: Franco Manca.

This place has quickly become my go-to recommendation for anyone looking for affordable eats in the city.

With multiple locations around town, you’re never too far from a piping hot slice of their famous sourdough crust pizza.

Delicious Pizza

If you’re looking to indulge in a cheesy, saucy delight that will make your taste buds dance with joy, then look no further than the delicious pizza options available in London. From classic Margherita to funky toppings like pulled pork and caramelized onions, there’s something for everyone at an affordable price.

One of my personal favorites is Homeslice, which offers massive 20-inch pizzas perfect for sharing (or not). Their menu changes daily based on seasonal ingredients and inventive combinations, so there’s always something new to try. Plus, their rustic atmosphere and outdoor seating make it the perfect spot for a casual night out with friends.

But if you’re looking for something even more budget-friendly, check out Pizza Union or Voodoo Ray’s. Both offer delicious thin-crust pizza starting at just £4 a slice – perfect for grabbing a quick bite without breaking the bank.

With so many tasty options at reasonable prices, there’s no need to settle for mediocre pizza when dining on a budget in London. But don’t stop here – keep reading to discover even more cheap eats that will satisfy your cravings without draining your wallet.

Affordable Prices

As you peruse the following section, take note of the affordable prices at these delectable establishments that won’t compromise on taste or quality. Being a Londoner myself, I understand the importance of finding places to eat that don’t break the bank.

Luckily, there are several options in this city that offer delicious meals at reasonable prices. One of my favorite spots is Franco Manca. This chain has multiple locations across London and serves up some of the best sourdough pizzas in town.

What’s more, their prices are incredibly reasonable for such high-quality food. You can grab a classic margherita pizza for just under £7, making it an excellent choice for a quick lunch or dinner with friends. But don’t let the low price fool you – Franco Manca uses only top-notch ingredients and cooks their pizzas to perfection every time.

Multiple Locations

You’ll be happy to know that the following section highlights establishments with multiple locations, making it easy for you to indulge in their mouth-watering offerings no matter where you are in the city.

One such place is Leon, a fast-food chain that offers healthy and delicious options like falafel wraps, sweet potato falafel salads, and baked fries. With over 50 locations across London, you’re never too far from a quick and affordable meal that won’t leave you feeling guilty.

Another popular chain with multiple locations is Franco Manca, which serves up some of the best sourdough pizzas in town. Their Neapolitan-style pies come with a variety of toppings ranging from classic margherita to more unique combinations like Gloucester Old Spot sausage and wild broccoli. With 20 locations across London, there’s always a Franco Manca nearby when your pizza cravings hit.

If you’re looking for an Indian-inspired breakfast or brunch spot with an eclectic atmosphere, head on over to Dishoom.


The delectable dishes at Dishoom are definitely worth a detour. This Indian restaurant has multiple locations across London, but their menu is consistently delicious no matter where you go. From their famous bacon naan rolls to their flavorful curries and biryanis, every dish is packed with authentic spices and ingredients.

What I love most about Dishoom is the atmosphere. The decor transports you back in time to 1920s Bombay, with vintage photos on the walls and dim lighting creating an intimate ambiance. It’s the perfect spot for a date night or catching up with friends over some cocktails and small plates.

But be warned – this place gets busy, so be prepared to wait or arrive early to snag a table.

Now let’s move onto another cheap eat in London – Honest Burgers.

Honest Burgers

After indulging in the rich and flavorful Indian dishes at Dishoom, my taste buds were craving something a little more classic. That’s when I stumbled upon Honest Burgers, a chain that’s quickly becoming one of London’s go-to spots for affordable burgers.

Their menu offers a range of options, from classic beef burgers to vegetarian alternatives like the Plant burger made with Beyond Meat. But what sets Honest Burgers apart from other burger chains is their commitment to using high-quality ingredients sourced from local producers.

Each burger comes with rosemary salted chips, which are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, adding an extra layer of deliciousness to your meal. As much as I loved my burger at Honest Burgers, my curiosity was piqued by their ‘baos’, which were listed as a side dish on the menu. What exactly were they? I couldn’t wait to find out.


If you’re looking for a unique and delicious side dish to accompany your burger, you gotta try Honest Burgers’ bao.

These fluffy steamed buns are filled with succulent pork belly, pickled cucumber, and hoisin sauce. They’re a perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

The combination of the tender meat and tangy pickles wrapped in soft bread is simply divine.

But don’t just take my word for it, give it a try yourself! Trust me, you won’t regret it. And if you’re feeling adventurous, pair it with one of their craft beers for the ultimate dining experience.

Now onto our next stop on the cheap eats tour of London – Flat Iron.

Flat Iron

So, let me tell you about one of my favorite places to grab a steak in London: Flat Iron.

The menu is simple and straightforward, focusing on quality cuts of meat cooked to perfection. And the best part? The prices are incredibly affordable for the high quality of food you receive.

Plus, with multiple locations throughout the city, it’s easy to satisfy your craving for a delicious steak no matter where you happen to be.

Simple Steak Menu

Check out this simple steak menu! You’ll love the juicy cuts of meat and the fact that 80% of the ingredients are sourced locally.

The menu at Flat Iron is not extensive, but every item on it is well thought out and executed to perfection. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect:

  • Steak: The star of the show, you can choose from a variety of cuts including flat iron, rump cap, sirloin or special cuts depending on availability. All steaks are cooked to your preference and served with a side salad.

  • Sides: If you’re looking for something to accompany your steak, try their famous dripping cooked chips or creamed spinach which comes with a hint of nutmeg.

The atmosphere here is cozy and casual – perfect for a laid back night out with friends or an intimate dinner date. And despite the quality of food being top-notch, prices are reasonable.

Speaking of affordable prices…

Affordable Prices

You’ll be pleased to know that the prices at Flat Iron are affordable, making it a great spot for a delicious and budget-friendly meal.

For just £10, you can enjoy their signature flat iron steak with a side of salad. And if you’re feeling extra hungry, you can add some chips or creamed spinach for an additional £3.

But the affordability doesn’t stop there. They also offer other options such as their famous Wagyu Burger for only £12 and a vegetarian mushroom and ale pie for just £8.

With these prices, it’s easy to see why Flat Iron is a popular choice among locals and visitors alike. And the best part? Flat Iron has multiple locations throughout London so no matter where you are in the city, you can easily satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank.

Multiple Locations

Oh, you thought finding a good steakhouse in London was hard? Well, Flat Iron’s multiple locations make it nearly impossible for you to miss out on their mouth-watering menu.

This no-frills restaurant offers top-quality flat iron steaks at affordable prices, making it an ideal spot for a quick lunch or dinner. You can find the restaurant in various areas of London, including Soho, Covent Garden, Shoreditch and more.

Aside from its signature dish, Flat Iron also serves other delicious options like crispy duck fat chips and creamy spinach sides to complement your meal. The casual atmosphere of this restaurant makes it perfect for those who are looking for a laid-back dining experience without breaking the bank.

With its convenient locations and value-for-money meals, Flat Iron is truly an underrated gem that shouldn’t be missed when exploring London’s food scene.

And if you’re craving some breakfast food after a night out in the city, The Breakfast Club has got you covered with its all-day breakfast menu. From classic bacon and eggs to fluffy pancakes topped with fresh berries and whipped cream, this place has something for everyone.

Their multiple locations around London also make it easy to grab a bite wherever you may be in the city. So why not enjoy some comfort food while taking in the vibrant energy of one of the most exciting cities in the world?

The Breakfast Club

I absolutely love starting my day with a delicious breakfast or brunch, which is why I’m so excited to talk about The Breakfast Club.

Not only do they offer an incredible selection of breakfast and brunch options, but their prices are also incredibly affordable.

Plus, with multiple locations throughout London, it’s easy to find one close by no matter where you are in the city.

Breakfast and Brunch Options

If you’re looking for a delicious morning meal, there are plenty of options available in London that won’t break the bank. One of my personal favorites is The Breakfast Club, as mentioned in the previous subtopic.

But let’s explore some other breakfast and brunch options that are just as tasty.

  • Dishoom: This Indian-inspired restaurant serves up a mean breakfast naan roll filled with spicy sausage, bacon, and egg. And at under £6, it won’t hurt your wallet too much.

  • Cafe Phillies: A hidden gem located near Liverpool Street station, this cafe offers a variety of affordable breakfast dishes including classic eggs Benedict and fluffy pancakes.

  • Beigel Bake: For those who prefer something more traditional, head to Beigel Bake in Brick Lane for freshly baked bagels filled with cream cheese or hot salt beef for less than £5.

London may have a reputation for being an expensive city but when it comes to breakfast and brunch options, there are plenty of affordable choices available.

Now let’s move on to the next section where we’ll explore some places that offer great quality food without breaking the bank.

Affordable Prices

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many incredible dining options there are in London that won’t break the bank, offering great quality food at affordable prices. Whether you’re craving a hearty meal or just a quick snack, there’s something for everyone.

From street vendors selling mouth-watering burgers to cozy cafes serving up scrumptious pastries, you’ll find it all here. One of my favorite places to grab a bite is Franco Manca, where you can indulge in some of the best pizza in town without breaking the bank.

Another great option is Dishoom, which offers delicious Indian cuisine at affordable prices. So if you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to explore London’s culinary scene, these are definitely worth checking out! And speaking of exploring, did you know that many of these restaurants have multiple locations?

This means that no matter where you are in the city, you can still enjoy some amazing food without having to travel too far.

Multiple Locations

London’s dining scene is teeming with affordable options that offer fantastic food. Even better, many of these restaurants have multiple locations spread throughout the city. This means that no matter where you are, you’re never too far away from a delicious and budget-friendly meal.

If you’re in the mood for Italian cuisine, Franco’s is a great option. With locations in Soho, Covent Garden and Tottenham Court Road, it’s easy to find a Franco’s no matter where your travels take you in London. They offer everything from pizza and pasta to salads and antipasti at incredibly reasonable prices.

There are plenty of other options too. Whether you’re craving Indian curries, Mexican street food or classic fish and chips, there’s sure to be a cheap eatery nearby that will satisfy your taste buds without breaking the bank.


I recently discovered Franco’s, a hidden gem in London that serves delicious Italian cuisine at affordable prices.

The cozy atmosphere of the restaurant makes it a perfect spot for a date night or an intimate dinner with friends.

From their homemade pastas to their wood-fired pizzas, Franco’s offers a variety of mouth-watering dishes that will leave you satisfied and wanting more.

Italian Cuisine

If you’re craving some delicious pasta or pizza, the Italian cuisine section will have your taste buds dancing with joy. As someone who loves Italian food, I can attest to the fact that there are plenty of cheap places to eat in London that serve up amazing dishes.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Pizza Union: This casual eatery offers affordable Neapolitan-style pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven.
  • Franco Manca: Although I’ve already mentioned this restaurant in the previous subtopic, it’s worth noting again for their sourdough pizzas that won’t break the bank.
  • Spaghetti House: With multiple locations throughout the city, Spaghetti House is a great spot for classic Italian dishes like spaghetti carbonara and lasagna at reasonable prices.
  • Princi: This bakery and café serves up freshly made pastas and pizzas alongside other Italian specialties like tiramisu and cannoli.
  • Rossopomodoro: Another chain restaurant with various locations in London, Rossopomodoro offers authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas and pasta dishes.

With so many options for cheap Italian food in London, you don’t have to spend a fortune to satisfy your cravings. In fact, many of these restaurants offer deals or specials on certain days of the week.

Next up, let’s talk about how these places manage to keep their prices so low without sacrificing quality.

Affordable Prices

These Italian restaurants in the city have mastered the art of serving up mouth-watering dishes without burning a hole in your pocket, like a magician conjuring up delicious food from thin air.

I’ve always been on the lookout for affordable places to eat in London that still serve food that’s worth raving about, and these Italian joints never disappoint.

Whether you’re craving pizza or pasta, you’ll find something on the menu that won’t break the bank.

From traditional favorites like spaghetti carbonara and margherita pizza to more unique dishes like truffle gnocchi and ricotta stuffed zucchini flowers, there’s something for everyone.

And with prices ranging from £6-£12 per dish, you can indulge in multiple courses without feeling guilty about your wallet.

But affordability isn’t the only thing these restaurants have going for them – they also offer cozy atmospheres perfect for a night out with friends or a romantic dinner date.

Cozy Atmosphere

The Italian joints featured here create a warm and inviting ambiance that adds to the overall dining experience. As I entered one of these cozy establishments, I was greeted by friendly staff members who promptly seated me at a table adorned with fresh flowers.

The soft lighting and rustic decor made me feel like I had been transported to a quaint village in Italy. As I perused the menu, my senses were further stimulated by the aroma of freshly baked bread and simmering sauces.

The gentle hum of conversation mixed with clinking glasses created a relaxed atmosphere where I felt free to unwind. The cozy interior design made me feel like I was enjoying my meal in the comfort of someone’s home rather than in a busy city center.

The warm smiles from the staff made me feel welcome and appreciated as a customer. The delicious food served on colorful plates added to the visual appeal of my dining experience.

As much as I enjoyed my Italian feast, there are other affordable options in London worth exploring. One such place is Eat Tokyo, where you can indulge in authentic Japanese cuisine without breaking the bank.

Eat Tokyo

You’ll be delighted by the delicious Japanese cuisine at Eat Tokyo. As soon as you walk in, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Japan with its traditional decor and friendly staff.

The menu offers a wide variety of authentic dishes such as sushi, ramen, tempura and udon noodles. I highly recommend trying their bento boxes which come with a selection of different dishes, perfect for those who want to try a little bit of everything.

What’s even better is that the prices are very affordable, especially considering the quality and portion sizes. You can easily have a satisfying meal for under £10 per person. This makes it an ideal spot for students or anyone on a budget who still wants to enjoy some delicious Japanese food in a cozy atmosphere.

But if you’re looking for something with more spice and kick, head over to The Orange Buffalo where they serve up some seriously good buffalo wings.

The Orange Buffalo

If you’re craving some spicy buffalo wings, The Orange Buffalo is the spot to hit up – can you handle the heat? This small but mighty eatery is located in both Tooting and Hoxton, serving up some of the best chicken wings I’ve ever had.

Not only are they deliciously crispy on the outside, but each wing is coated in a flavorful sauce that packs a punch. Here are four reasons why The Orange Buffalo should be on your list of cheap places to eat in London:

  1. Their signature buffalo wings are made with free-range chicken and come in a variety of heat levels.
  2. They also offer boneless chicken bites for those who prefer less mess.
  3. Their sides, such as curly fries and onion rings, are just as tasty as their main dishes.
  4. The atmosphere is casual and laid-back, making it perfect for a quick bite or hangout with friends.

So if you’re looking for a place to satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank, head over to The Orange Buffalo and prepare yourself for some seriously spicy (and delicious) chicken wings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of these restaurants within a reasonable distance of each other?

I recently visited London and was amazed at the variety of restaurants available. During my trip, I wanted to make sure I could visit as many as possible without having to travel too far between them.

After some research, I discovered that many of the top-rated restaurants in London are within a reasonable distance from each other. This made it easy for me to hop from one spot to another and try out different cuisines throughout my stay.

Whether you’re looking for street food or fine dining, there’s no shortage of options in London, all within reach. So don’t worry about spending hours commuting around the city – enjoy your freedom and explore all that the city has to offer!

Do any of these restaurants offer vegetarian or vegan options?

As a vegetarian myself, I always make sure to research restaurants that offer options for my dietary needs. So when it comes to finding cheap places to eat in London, I always look for those that cater to vegetarians and vegans as well.

Luckily, many of the restaurants on this list do offer such options! Not only can you save money while dining out, but you can also feel good about supporting businesses that prioritize inclusivity and diversity in their menus.

From vegan burgers to colorful salads, there are plenty of delicious options available that won’t break the bank.

Are reservations required for any of these restaurants?

Hey there! If you’re looking for a spot to grab a bite in London, let me tell you about some great places that don’t require reservations.

Whether you’re in the mood for burgers, pizza, or even some delicious vegan cuisine, these spots have got you covered.

And the best part? They won’t break the bank! So why not treat yourself to a tasty meal without having to worry about booking ahead?

Head on over to these spots and enjoy some hassle-free dining in the heart of London.

Is there a specific time of day when these restaurants are less crowded?

When it comes to finding a less crowded time at popular restaurants, there are a few strategies I like to use.

First, try going during off-peak hours. This typically means avoiding traditional meal times such as lunch and dinner rushes. Instead, opt for an early or late brunch or a mid-afternoon snack.

Another tip is to visit on weekdays rather than weekends when crowds tend to be larger.

Finally, consider making your visit outside of peak tourist season if possible. By being strategic with your timing, you can enjoy a more relaxed dining experience without the crowds and lines that often come with popular restaurants in London (or any city).

Do any of these restaurants have outdoor seating options?

I absolutely love dining outdoors, especially when the weather is nice! So, I did a bit of research to find some great restaurants in London that have outdoor seating options.

From cozy cafes with sidewalk tables to rooftop bars with stunning city views, there are plenty of places to choose from. One of my favorites is The Ivy Chelsea Garden, which has a beautiful garden terrace perfect for enjoying brunch or dinner al fresco.

Another great option is Dishoom, which serves up delicious Indian cuisine and has a lovely outdoor courtyard area. Whether you’re looking for a romantic date spot or just want to soak up some sun while you eat, there’s definitely an outdoor dining option in London that will fit the bill!


So there you have it, folks. A list of some cheap places to eat in London that won’t break the bank.

From Borough Market’s delicious street food to Franco Manca’s mouthwatering pizzas and Dishoom’s Indian-inspired dishes, there’s something for everyone.

Coincidentally, as I was writing this article, I received a message from a friend who was visiting London and looking for affordable dining options. I shared my list with her, and she ended up trying out Honest Burgers and loving it.

It’s moments like these that make me appreciate the power of sharing knowledge and experiences, especially when it comes to good food.

So go out there and explore all the amazing culinary delights that London has to offer without worrying about your budget!

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