Best Pokémon places in Japan.

Best Pokémon places in Japan.

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Are you a Pokemon enthusiast looking for the ultimate adventure? Then Japan is the place to go! As the birthplace of the Pokemon franchise, Japan is no doubt a haven for all things Pokemon. From massive Pokemon centers to themed cafes and stores, the country offers a wealth of exciting places for trainers to catch ‘em all! In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Pokemon places in Japan that you simply can’t miss. So, whether you’re a die-hard fan or just curious about the phenomenon, you’re sure to find some exciting places to explore on your next trip to Japan. Let’s dive in!

Discovering Pikachu Paradise: The Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo

Discovering Pikachu Paradise: The Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo is a dream for all Pokémon fans. Located in the Sunshine City shopping complex in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, it is one of the largest Pokémon Centers in the world. It features exclusive products that you won’t find anywhere else, plus every lineup of Pokémon product from the very first game to the latest one. The shop is dedicated to the characters Mega Charizard Y and Pikachu and has something for everyone. The Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo is known as the Pokémon Sanctuary and has received a lot of love from fans all over the world. Recently, a new spot called Pikachu Sweets by Pokémon Cafe has opened on the same site, offering the cutest food and kawaii drinks to go. Even if you can’t travel yet, you can still take a virtual trip and discover the wonders that await as you plan your next visit to Japan. Don’t miss out on the other Pokémon Centers and Stores located in Tokyo and catch them all!  

Experiencing Pokémon EXPO Gym: A Unique Way to Train Your Trainer Skills

The Pokémon EXPO Gym in Osaka, Japan is a one-of-a-kind training center where visitors can immerse themselves in the world of Pokémon. The facility features augmented-reality attractions that allow fans to strengthen their skills and bonds with their favorite characters. Children can learn to collaborate and communicate while playing and having fun. The gym also offers immersive shows and interactive games, such as Charizard’s Battle Colosseum, Smeargle’s Promo Studio, and Machamp’s Aid Center. Visitors can even engage with Pikachu while he wanders around the gym’s premises using the Pokémon Expo Gym Gear app. Admission costs 500 yen, which can be put towards the cost of individual attractions. While the gym is focused more on experiences than shopping, there is a Pokémon-themed store on site. The gym is the world’s first of its kind, and while its opening attracted visitors from all over, those who don’t speak Japanese may have a more challenging experience, as all games and shows are solely in Japanese.  

Unearthing History at the Pokémon Research Exhibition in Yokohama

Unearthing History at the Pokémon Research Exhibition in Yokohama is a thrilling experience for all Pokémon enthusiasts. The exhibition showcases a wealth of information about the history and evolution of Pokémon. The event takes place at the Pikachu Outbreak festival in the city of Yokohama, where visitors can witness rare and unique Pokémon performing on the streets. At the exhibition, visitors can learn about the different types of Pokémon and how they have evolved over the years. There are also interactive displays where visitors can play games and quizzes to test their knowledge of the franchise. Additionally, there are life-size statues of different Pokémon and immersive installations that transport visitors into the world of Pokémon. The exhibition also features displays on the science behind Pokémon, such as anatomy and genetics. Visitors can also learn about how Pokémon have been used in research and development for scientific purposes. The exhibition is an exciting opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of Pokémon and its impact on the world. 

A Tour through Pikachu Outbreak: The Annual Pokémon Festival in Yokohama

The Pikachu Outbreak is an annual festival that takes place in Yokohama, Japan. This festival is all about Pikachu, the adorable Pokemon character loved by millions worldwide. Pikachu Outbreak began in 2014 as a way to promote a new Pokemon movie in Yokohama’s Minato Mirai district, but it has since transformed into a major event. The festival features hundreds of people dressed up as Pikachu and other Pokemon characters. Visitors can watch Pikachu dance and participate in parades on water or in the streets. There are also lots of photo spots where visitors can take pictures with Pikachu. In addition to Pikachu, Eevee, another popular Pokemon character, also makes an appearance at the festival. The Pikachu Outbreak usually takes place in August, and the 2019 event will have a special nighttime display using LED-clad Pikachus and projection mapping. The festival has attracted millions of fans from all around the world and generates millions of dollars in media exposure. If you’re a fan of Pokemon, the Pikachu Outbreak is a must-see event!  

The Enchantment of Pokémon-Themed Cafes in Japan

The enchantment of Pokémon-themed cafes in Japan is a must-see for any true fan. These cafes offer an immersive experience that makes you feel as though you are part of the Pokémon world. Tokyo’s Pokémon Cafe, the world’s first permanent Pokémon-themed cafe, is a popular spot that requires a reservation, but the effort is worth it. It offers exclusive Pokémon-themed dishes and drinks and a selection of limited-time goods that can be ordered during the reservation. Plus, the decor, from the giant chef Pikachu to the Pokémon-themed tableware, is adorable and will make any fan feel right at home. The menu offers classics like Pikachu-shaped dishes and drinks like Pokéballs and Eevee-themed desserts. Ordering is made easy with the convenient tablet offered at each table. And for those with allergies, they have a list of allergens in each menu item. Overall, visiting a Pokémon café in Japan is an enchanting experience that any true fan should make part of their itinerary.  

Exploring the Pokémon Local Acts: Japan’s Pokémon Themed Manhole Covers

Japan is a paradise for Pokémon lovers. One of the unique and colorful features of Japan’s manhole covers are the Pokémon-themed Poké Lids. These designer covers were officially introduced in 2018 as part of the Pokémon Local Acts project. With over 240 Poké Lids across the country, Pokémon enthusiasts can enjoy spotting their favorite characters on the streets. These covers provide a free and enjoyable tourist activity in Japan, as well as promoting local tourism in lesser known areas of the country. The Poké Lids can be found in various regions from Kyushu to Hokkaido, each with its unique design featuring popular Pokémon characters, everyday life elements, and landmarks. These covers are made by the factory in Miyaki Saga Prefecture, where they are mechanically carved into aluminum, before being turned into cast metal versions. The recent installation of six new Pokéfuta at Serigaya Park in Machida, Tokyo indicates a growing presence of these famous characters in Japan’s capital city, providing a great new activity for fans to explore the city.  

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